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PSPVBA (GameBoy Advance Emulator) v1.2.0 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 07-23-2006

Zx-81 has just released the latest version of PSPVBA, a GameBoy Advance homebrew emulator for PSP based off a port of the SDL Linux version 1.7.2 of VisualBoyAdvance. The new version offers a new rewritten media engine, as well as overall speed improvements, further perfecting an already awesome emulator.

New features/fixes in v1.2.0 include:

- All the sound part has been rewritten to use the media engine (faster).
- Graphical unit access improvement (disable cache, may result in graphic artifacts, but faster).
- Added new beautiful icons and background designed by Win-Win (Shadow).
- Added option to enable/disable GBA battery/flash save (to avoid annoying disk save every 10 seconds in several games).
- Analog/digital swap bug fixed.