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XviD4PSP v4.012 Audio And Video Converter Shell

Uploaded by CJPC - 07-22-2006

Winnydows released a new version of his great video converter for the PSP. This is an easy to use and high quality program for converting videos for PSP and PC.

4.012 changes:

- Fixed import files with non standart framerate.

Other recent updates included in v4.012:

4.011 changes:
Now used direct lame.exe and neroAacEnc.exe encoding. Without besweet. Encoding of audio much faster.
BeSweet not used anymore !!! This mean sound don`t need extract before encoding. BePipe redirect sound direct to audio encoder. It safe your space on hard and time.
For audio encoding now used CBR encoding mode. ABR and VBR cause lost sync on DVD encoding.
Added VirtualDubMod.
Removed VirtualDub. All calls to VirtualDub now fully replace VirtualDubMod.
Added apps menu. Launching VirtualDubMod, DGIndex, Media Player Classic, makeAVIS programms from this menu.
Changed work with progressbar. Now progress showed for audio encoding too. Also enhanced muxing progress.
Again fixed autocrop. Also three times speedup.
Rewritten work with MediaInfo.dll.
Added Normalize on Preview option. If box not checked volume normalize not used on preview. Very speedup preview.
For DVD and MPG types added ForceFilm options. Convert fps 29.970 > 23.976 - Forced Film option in DGindex.
Fixed second pressing on Preview button for DVD and MPG types.
Removed EnsureVBRMP3Sync() function. Made more bad than good.
Added Samplerate option. Convert sample rate of sound. Also samplerate not changed if already valid.
Added audio codec option. Now just information, but later will have DirectStrim.
Many small fixes.
Preview form very changed.
Fixed MP4 import.

4.010 changes:
Fixed adding files from CD-DVD.
DirectShowSource again use by default. More stable than AVISource.
To avs script added ConvertToYV12() line. I hope this line help encode some unencoded files.

4.009 changes:
If imports AVI or DIVX files, added EnsureVBRMP3Sync() line for force VBR sync. Prevent from lost sync.
All audio edit now do avisynth.
Now possible use DTS sound tracks in DVD encoding.
For conversion from DVD and MPG types now use NicAudio.dll.
For multichannel sound tracks now used DolbySurround II Downmix (only DVD and MPG type).
Addede ColorMatrix option. Enhance color proof in DVD and MPG types encoding.
Fixed encoding in AVISource mode. Mencoder don`t hang any more. Video don`t crash to blocks.
Added EnhancePAL option. Can help remove color noise from VHS-TV PAL movies.
Added mp2 import.
Now settings of preview form saved only if button Ok pressed.
Fixed DVD encoding with LPCM soundtrack.
Fixed - Import file parametrs now reset each time file added. Improve many crashes and incorrect crop detection.
Maximum crop values enhanced.

4.008 changes:
Fixed AVS input.
Fixed encoding to PMP AVC (can`t find error).
Now old extracted sound tracks remove before extract new one.
Fixed adding bad DVD with incorrect time stamp.
Fixed encoding DVDs created with Adobe Premiere.
Added check for DGindex hidden process. On start program check and kill DGindex process if process exists.

4.007 changes:
Added import TS files.
Fixed "index out" error in aspect 16:9 and Safe Crop.
Fixed - if preview form start with MP4 PSP codec must be AVC.
Switch to manual crop don`t reset crop settings anymore.
Fixed preview form design
Fixed BH and BW (black borders). Now possible correct this manual.
Added Start Frame and End Frame options.
Decode engine added in file list.
Input parametrs corrector form get 23.976 fps value. Used in HDTV WMV.
Paramters form rewriten.
Now progrem can shelf dtect resolution and time on complicated files.
DGMPGDec now used as default decoder for vob ts mpg mpe mpeg.
Enhanced remeber of path for Open Save Save-AVS.
Now for formats MP4 PSP, PMP 2.01, PMP AVC used 200% volume normalize, and for others 100%.
Tested AVC input. Install latest ffdshow and clips will encode with sound.
Fixed autocrop of short files.
Autocrop button added. Auto crop from menu removed. Button better.
Now fo files vob ts mpg mpe mpeg always used autocrop.
D2V file don`t generate twice if file already exists.
Now automatic generate d2v file after pressing Save AVS button (only if need).
Now delay detected and written to avs even in preview function.
Checked MP4 (AVC) input. Just install latest ffdshow for encoding mp4s with sound.
Fixed sync sound for DVD and ts mpg mpe mpeg.
Poligamy enabled (more than one app in one time).