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DevHook v0.45 Tetra Pack For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 07-21-2006


A collection of DH Mods to easily boot into FW 2.71.
Regular DH, direct MemoryStick boot, direct USB boot, and direct UMD boot.


Hex edited the PBPs to change version number and INI filename.
Modified the background graphic(s).
Made the icons, the iSO and repacked the PBPs.
Compiled this pack.


1) Unpack the files to your MS overwriting where needed in either a DevHook 0.44 or 0.45 installation.

2) Copy the CSO to your ISO directory on your PC if you plan to use USB.

3) If you use a custom firmware you may wish to auto run one of the options, I recommend direct MS boot.


1) If you use a custom firmware auto run and wish to stop the automatic boot, press TRIANGLE as soon as the MS light start to flash.

2) You can reboot the PSP while in the 2.71 XMB by pressing the HOME and START buttons simultaneously. If you wish to return to 1.50 and have auto run enabled donít forget to press TRIANGLE as explained above.

3) When in the 1.50 XMB just use the appropriate option to launch the regular DH, direct MS boot, direct USB boot or direct UMD boot.

4) If you wish to change the predefined options of any of the direct boot Mods, go the regular DH in 1.50, change any option you wish and exit. Then go to the DH folder and copy DEVHOOK.INI to BOOTSMS.INI, BOOTUSB.INI or BOOTUMD.INI. That will be the new predefined options to the respective Mod. The filenames should be obvious to which mod they belong.


These Mods have been tested only with FW 2.71, with the original Custom Firmware POC by Dark_AleX and with the VSHExtender module by jas0nuk. It should however also work with other custom firmware and/or modules but youíre on your own.


Booster for DevHook.
TheBuzzer and HKS for the DH Mods.
Unknow source for the HOME-START mod.
Unknow source for the screenshot module.
Unknown sources for the original hard disk and MS icons.
Anyone who thinks should be credited please let me know.

Hope youíll find this pack useful, please let me know.