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UoOgraniser v0.90a For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 07-21-2006

Hoshizora has updated his unofficial OGRaniser for PSP again today. This application is based on Modsyn's original Organise for the PSP released a while ago. This program organizes your PSP/GAME folder, allowing you to choose priority of homebrew applications/games that you would view in the XMB and remove/hide corrupted icons.

Here's whats new file naming conventions are there:

1. foldername / foldername%
2. folde 1 / folde1~1%
3. __sce__foldername / %__sce__foldername
4. folde _ / folde_~1%
5. foldern________________________1 / folder~1%

Along with this update, Hoshizora has added both a Screen capture feature in the Splash screen and a Homebrew installation guide. He has also answered some user questions about his unofficial OGRaniser release which you may find helpful:

Q: Program may crash during initial loading
A: Restart your PSP and try again

Q: Exiting the program using HOME button may not work in Edit screen
A: Use analog-stick [LEFT] to exit the program

Q: My folders messed up using modsyn's version of organiser
A: Bugfix in uo_ograniser 0.9.0: Eboot.pbp lost if the shortcut directory contains more than 1 file. This version now supports multiple files in the shortcut directory!