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PSP Device Hook Sample Launcher v0.45 With Mods FULL

Uploaded by CJPC - 07-21-2006

By Booster, DevHook updated to v0.45- Launching PSP Homebrew on emulated 2.71 FW now possible! This pack contains the required 2.71 FW files and Mods listed below!


- Support for loading EBOOT.PBP on memory stick and EBOOT.BIN on UMD (iSO) in ELF format.
- Fixed problems that made 1.50 NoUMD not functioning.
- Added more exclusive controls added to flash emulation. As well as other memory stick breaking countermeasures.
- Memory map changed for rebooting.


- FW2.71 registry initialization failure problem.
- Stabilize flash emulation (file access).
- NoUMD for FW 2.xx
- NAND driver level emulation


- You will need to edit the SFO file that's in the sdk folder in order to make your homebrew compatible. For instructions on how to convert your hombrew load the "homebrew on 2.xx+devhook" EBOOT in the emulated fw.

- To install, just copy over the previous DevHook v0.44 FULL package and press yes to overwrite.

- For NoAutoRun, in hex 2390 change F8 FF to 00 00.

- It still appears to freeze with 333 MHz, the 2.0 wlan.prx didn't fix the 333 MHz boot problem on 44 or 45.. it just allows to run the WiFi at 333mhz and burn it out.

- 1.5 Flash Mode seems to work back fully again in v0.45: no need for additional loadexec.prx, only the 1.5 reboot.bin from the 1.5 dump to dh\150F. RunUMD also seems to work well. Hitchhikr's 'Kernel Mode Under Firmware 2.6' does NOT work though.

Mods Included:

- USB (by TheBuzzer)
- ScreenShot Mod

All I did was replace a few files, didn't recompile it or anything but it works. I also edited EBOOT.PBP with a hex editor so it now reads DevHook v0.45 instead of v0.44.

1) ok 1st off back-up your save data if any.

2) then format your MemoryStick and extract all files to the root directory of your MemoryStick and thats pretty much it!

You now have 2.xx homebrew working through DevHook with ScreenShot and USB Mods fully working. Thanks goes to Dark_AleX and TheBuzzer.