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Table Top Rally v0.1 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 07-19-2006

Freshmilk's first game, TTR, may still need better graphics and more cars but since it's already playable and has already helped me while the time away, it already counts as a good game under my book. And as I always love to say, every bit of homebrew game counts. So let me tell you more about TTR.

TTR, which means Table Top Rally, is a car-dodging game. You take control of a white Zonda C12 and you try to dodge (what else?) the other cars racing past you - your score is equal to the number of cars you've successfully dodged. The game may have a slow start but the pace picks up as you move farther into the race.

The game is already fully-operational, complete with an intro, menu, credits, and an "Erase Highscore" feature. But as I've mentioned, graphics of TTR do need improvement; even Freshmilk admits this. Hence, if you're good at designing cars or if you can help with either making a garage (currently there is none) or cleaning up the game's code, Freshmilk will be glad to hear from you. As TTR uses a kernel command, the author leaves note that it may not work with the GTA Loader but you can still try.