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PMP VLC v0.0.9 Player For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 07-17-2006

This revision has AVC hardware video decoding support. Now you can see live TV and DVDs on your PSP in high quality. That's 25 frames per second and in full screen (480x272).


1) added AVC hardware video decoding support for high quality streaming and playback from memstick (requires the also supplied VLC 0.8.5 with x264 support for PSP)
2) scaling does now work correctly (pressing start during playback toggles screen mode if picture resolution < 480x272)
3) pressing right trigger in main menu now really connects to network and the IP address is shown
4) up to 5 video and 5 music directories can be added in pmp.ini
5) network path no longer displayed in filenames, except for the selected entry
6) the supplied VLC 0.8.5 package automatically installs the required pspfiles.html file
7) solved several vlc and net directory buffer issues where there was crap at the end of the listing
8) the supplied VLC 0.8.5 can be used to encode video files, DVDs, live streams, capture device sources etc. to AVC avi files
9) fixed a bug where the previous track in the playlist was played again