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DevHook Straight To XMB Mod r1 For PSP 1.5 Firmware

Uploaded by CJPC - 07-17-2006

This is everything what you need to make your 1.50 PSP boot up automatically to 2.71!

Push/hold /_\ (triangle) on start-up as soon as the light of the memstick lights up and you will get to 1.50.

Updated: now PUSH L ON STARTUP TO AUTOBOOT, if you push nothing you will get to 1.50.

Now can go back to 1.50 when in 2.71, push HOME then move to YES hold L+R+UP and push X then wait till the flash light will go off for the first time (this takes about 1 sec) then let your hands go off the buttons.. then you're back in 1.50.

2.71 Autoboot Pack Includes:

USB Tutorial
Newcomer Tutorial
CF Tutorial

The XMBBOOT.ISO is for 2.71 a iSO that will not auto-start it will let you enter the 2.71 menu without starting any UMD or iSO.

For USB-user copy the XMBBOOT.ISO to your ISO folder on your Computer then start your DeviceHook with your settings and make sure that you have selected the XMBBOOT.ISO in the DeviceHook menu.

Run pocunflasher first to remove your customproof Mod.. for more infos look in the other folders.

(>^^)> SiGGi <(^^<)