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Hackers Vs Sony Demo BETA r1 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 07-17-2006

DreaDNoughT shared this game that he has worked on called Hackers Vs Sony. The story revolves around how Sony, who was once considered as an ally of the gaming community, betrayed the very people who supported them. When the PSPs came out, everybody wanted them because of its beautiful features and the fact that you can hack them. And here's where the betrayal started: Sony released the 'demonic' firmware -- fw 2.0, which forced gamers to leave their PSPs for the DS... until they were saved by the devs.

This one is a megaman style game and you must fight the evil Sony minions so as you can go deeper and deeper within the recesses of the Sony HQ and destroy the ultimate boss that blocks beloved homebrews. The Sony coders take the form of bluish, alien like creatures heavily armed with their weapon -- the Sonylight. You, as the hacker, take the form of a bird and you must defeat them with your own weapon -- the butterball.

And speaking of weapons, the developer mentioned to us that when he updates the game to another version, he plans on enabling the 'hackers' upgrade their weapons to weapons such as "MPH 2.0 downgrader" and "the Dark_AleX 2.5 and 2.6 downgrader". He has made an update where the gunfire is a bit faster and the ability to take screenshots by holding the left trigger down in-game.

To make this work on a 1.0 just do the following:

1. put this folder in the psp/game folder
2. copy all the folders in the "HVS 1" folder
3. fire it up on the PSP and enjoy