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X-Flash v11c For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 07-17-2006

Art has just released a new version of X-Flash supporting Dark_AleX's Custom Firmware Mod.

Here's what's new for X-Flash v11c:

Support for Dark_AleX Custom Firmware modification. This version does not yet have the capability to reverse the Mod, but this (and more) will be implemented shortly. Flash writing is verified. The video below shows this in practice.

Art is currently working on X-Flash v12 for us that will implement support for applying Dark_AleX's latest Custom Firmware Mod and reversal of it, complete with configurator. Even later version of X-Flash will include Freeplay & a Name Plate picture Mod in the PSP's about screen and an arcade game style letter rotator for entering any words to be used as names for Music, Photo, Video, and Game icons.