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Turrican PSP Alpha For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 07-17-2006

Arguru has just released the first work-in-progress Alpha of Turrican PSP, a clone of the popular Metroid/Turrican games. The engine still lacks some basic stuff, such as working level transporters, additional enemies, etc. Levels are... will be non-linear, meaning you can include links in the level maps to move to a specified point in a level, a bit like Metroid. Permanent power-up items can as well be placed in the way; you will need some items to achieve certain parts (ie: double jump, morphing, ball, etc). Well, if you have played Super Metroid, you'll get the point, and if you haven't played it yet, what are you waiting for?

Turrican PSP is NOT FULLY PLAYABLE yet, and we aren't sure when it will be or how long it will take to finish, but if the progress ceases, source code will be released to public (which, hopefully, it won't). The game has been tested on a 1.50 FW PSP, but most probably won't work under GTA Loader because of the insane memory requirements at this time, unless you cut the .WAV sound files, which will essentially reduce RAM load. Modding instructions (following the footsteps of SMM) have not been included yet, but feel free to mess around with the text-based level generator, although any mods for this version might not be compatible in future releases (please give credit to authors if you release any mods for this game).