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PSP Racer v0.01 BETA For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 07-17-2006

Benja32 has released a new homebrew game for the PSP called PSP Racer v0.01. There is still much to be done but so far it includes menu's, selection of cars and the ability to take to the road. Here my first homebrew, PSP RACER 0.01 BETA VERSION.

This game is coded in LUA, for the moment it contains already the menus, selection of car, one can already walk with a car on the road but does not contain a car 'enemy'. I hope that you will like this play.

- Button SELECT to take screenshots. They will be in the file screenshot psp racer
- Button START to return on the menu during the play
- there are 7 cars in selection for the moment

Remain to be made:

- Add 'enemy' cars
- Add music
- Add different decorations