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LuaPlayer v0.20 Non-Module OC NetLib Mod 2 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 07-16-2006

cools has released what he calls LuaPlayer .20 Mod. This new mod brings additional features to the venerable and beloved LuaPlayer that has seen so much use throughout the homebrew scene. Along with bringing you the option to select a speed for your processor to run at, there are also enhancements that will improve 3D mapping. Now, this mod is at its second release.

As the developer himself admits, the projects is still a work in progress that currently has precious few features to call its own. However, as a proof of concept and an indication of things to come, the mod has contributed something significant to the marketplace of ideas and could pave the way for some very useful progress in the future. Currently, aside from the features mentioned in the first release (which you can read about here), System.setCpuSpeed(speed) and Gum.lookAt() are now included features of LuaPlayer v0.20 Mod 2.

Update to my custom Lua Player .20 which adds some more functions!

Functions Added:

System.setCpuSpeed(Speed) --Sets CPU Speed to Certain Speed
example: System.setCpuSpeed(200)

and Gum.lookAt()

Serial I/O MIGHT have been disabled (im going to check... eventually)

Not a Major Update but it's Something!