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X-Flash v11b For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 07-15-2006

Art has released a new version of X-Flash for PSP. This release includes a last minute fix for saving X-Flash color themes.

The most recent update was done successfully, but last minute, in an effort to maintain support for X-Flash color themes. Overall, this is a release that seems to have good support, it has progressed steadily since its release, and more updates are almost certain to come.

- Real time battery/mains checking so you never have to think about the battery condition.
- Agree to disclaimer screen once, and never see it again for that installation.
- Global test mode implemented to perform modifications on memory stick Flash dump.
- Increased allowable size of gameboot.pmf movie to 2500000 bytes.
- Checking resolution of Background wallpaper, rather than file size.
- Added some new menu labels for Photo icon, and Video Icon.
- Added feature to remove or restore trademark symbols from the XMB menu such as: UMD(tm), Memory Stick(tm), and PSP(tm).
- Plain Black gameboot movie is now built into the application.
- User supplied Gameboot Movie files, Font files, and backgrounds are now all checked for size.
- Writing any of them are verified Flash write operations.
- Every Flash write operation performed by X-Flash is now verified.
- Implemented a text reader so that the licence agreement, disclaimer, and full instructions can be read from the PSP at any time.
- Fixed jittery slow motion mode in credits demo.
- More uniformity of button assignments throughout program, and other small fixes.