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Game Music Emulator v0.1 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 07-15-2006

theHobbit has just released Game Music Emu v0.1, a port of Shay Green's Game Music Emu library for the PSP (Shay Green, by the way, is also known as Blargg). Utilizing the Game_Music_Emu sound engine, the app supports the following formats:

Nintendo Game Boy (GBS)
Sega Master System/Genesis/MEga Drive/Mark III/BBC Micro (VGM/VGZ)
Sega Genesis (GYM)
Super Nintendo (SPC)
NES with VRC6, N106, and FME-7 sound (NSF)

As an added treat, theHobbit has added support for PSX (psf playback) using sexypsf port by yaneurao.

Game music-loving PSP owners who are raring to test the emulator should proceed with caution, as some soundtracks can make the program crash when zipped. This particularly applies to psf (portable sound format). Another known bug is the 'Boost Volume' causing a distortion in older formats. And if you just hate random crashes, we suggest you skip the program, or wait for a more stable version. But I have to admit, this emulator looks promising.


d-pad: Browse files
circle: Play file
square: Pause Playback
select: Return to browser
start : Cancel waveform
L R: Change song in same folder/zip
up down: Volume Boost