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PSP Device Hook Sample Launcher v0.44 FULL

Uploaded by CJPC - 07-13-2006

By Booster, DevHook v0.44 now emulates v2.71 FirmWare allowing 2.71 image support. Just copy the 2 FOLDERS in MS_ROOT to MemoryStick root, and then run the app via PSP.

This package includes:

- 2.71 FW files required
- Flash Player & WMA activated
- WiFi (works only at 222 MHz, this is normal- NOT a bug!)
- You can add 2.50/2.60 Firmware using the previously released files if you wish.

Some NOTES on this release are as follows:

- If you can't get 2.71 working with 0.44 (your PSP won't reboot into 2.71, it only switches off) then on the DevHook menu go to OTHER and change the PRELOAD ADDR to 89000000 and it should work then.

- If you boot DevHook with 222 MHz and then in the XMB using select + mode change "overclock" to 333 MHz (but not in the DevHook menu) then booting at 333 MHz shouldn't freeze anymore allowing you to run iSOs overclocked.

- If you are NOT getting the 0.44 FULL version, then don't forget to replace dh/271/flash1/registry/system.dreg and system.ireg with the ones from a lower FW install. You'll need the following decrypted Flash1 files: reboot.bin, system.ireg, and system.dreg. Place reboot.bin in ms0:\dh\271\reboot.bin

Note: Make SURE to delete dh/271/flash1/registry/init.dat if there is one... if not, then you can simply ignore this note.

Here is a simple DevHook v0.44 Tutorial:

1) download DevHook 0.44 and put everything on the memory stick as usual

2) download the EBOOT.PBP from the $ony Web site

3) open the EBOOT.PBP with PBP Unpacker or a similar utility and extract the DATA.PSAR

4) put the DATA.PSAR in the root of the MemoryStick

5) run the included DevHook installer on the PSP (install flash0 and flash1)

6) extract DevHook 0.44 again, and overwrite everything in the dh folder (its going to be a couple of .txt which include the path for the prx's)

7) get a decompressed 2.71 reboot.bin file (Google)

8) place reboot.bin in ms0:\dh\271\reboot.bin

9) done, run DevHook!