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Antimass 3D Client v0.1 Demo For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 07-12-2006

Zilt has released version 0.1 for his upcoming PSP homebrew Antimass 3D world client. Zilt has had to disable some of this 3D client's features in order to release this version so early, but plans on adding (or enabling) all of the features for the next release. Here's what he said:

With this release, you can see 3 skeleton based 3D animated characters. Two of them are NPCs and just cycle through 7 different sets of animations. You are the 'paladin'. The walk/run animation is blended depending on speed (Which you control using the analogue stick), and the camera is fully adjustable using the Left trigger and D-pad/analogue stick control.

Features that had to disabled to release this version:

- Client/server code
- Bezier models
- Keyboard entry (very different style then danzel's)
- Skeleton performance improvements (>50% is spent on normal calculations!! Almost fixed...)

As I said earlier, all of these features will be either added, enabled or fixed when the proper release comes out, but for now, we get to drool over these beautiful screenshots and wonder what the keyboard will look like! Who knows, it could become universal for other homebrew applications if it's good!