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PSP Device Hook Sample Launcher v0.43 Fix FULL

Uploaded by CJPC - 07-10-2006

This includes everything from Booster's v0.43 Fix release and also:

- supports WiFi with RSS and Web browsing
- HOME button now works
- can emulate PSP v2.60 Firmware
- LOTs more!

Installation: just copy the 2 FOLDERS in MS_ROOT to your MemoryStick root, and then run the app on your PSP.


Original v0.43 Fix ReadMe:

PSP Device Hook Sample Launcher v0.43 Fix

v0.43 Fix:

- Installer
- Screenshot

Defect report very is. Temporarily, the correction and installer replacement edition of pspbtcnf_game.txt were done re-[u] p. Concerning the installer, as for 2.6 reboot.bin because it is the same, not to be able to make, please ask cooperation from the 2.6 & GTA user. Release among those you do also decrypter for 1.50, with you think. When there is no >devhook.ini, because preload address of default becomes 0x9FC7008, the first starting time “in addition” please set “0x89000000” with “load address”. please set “0x89000000” to “other” - “preload address” in first boot.

v0.43 Changes:

- FW2.60 reboot supported (A part of the installer is not supported yet).
- It is now possible for users to specify the load address for rebooting.
- UMD read callback changed from 1 sector to multiple sectors.
- The return value of dhGetVersion() changed from 0x00420002 to 0x00430000.
- Now DevHook will be started when starting the launcher.
- Launcher modified, 0.42b/0.43 new settings, menu construction, display layout.
- Plain20.prx and plain25.prx now unified into plain2x.prx.
- Append to stack when performing flashEMU.
- Added a shortcut key for exiting DevHook when rebooted.
- Fixed a bug in v0.42b that you cannot set the clock.


- OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast works from UMD and iSO.
- Gurumin (JAP) works from UMD, may from iSO with a patch.
- Many other PSP 2.60 FW titles may now work ~testing needed.

Apparently the fixed version of the FW installer does the job right this time; you still need a decrypted 2.60 reboot.bin and you can use the Tutorials below if you wish:

Just use the FW installer in this (DevHook v0.43 Fix) archive.. you don't need FakeUpdater anymore, but you'll have to obtain a 2.6 FW reboot.bin decrypted, to put in your dh\260\ folder.

v0.43 Tutorial:

- format your ms; save any files you need/want
- download DevHook v0.43
- copy the contents MS_ROOT found in the archive to your ms
- use PBPUnpacker to obtain the data.psar from a 2.6 EBOOT.PBP file
-copy data.psar to the root of you MS
-launch the FW installer from your MS and wait untill it finishes
-obtain a 2.6 FW reboot.bin decrypted
-copy the reboot.bin you just obtained to \dh\260\
-if you can not get it to work you can try changing the preload address (PL-ADDT) from 0x89000000 to 0x88E00000 (the first option in the preload address list); if you still have problems try selecting different options from the preload address list;
-you're ready to go

Alternate v0.43 Tutorial:

1) Download the 0.43 archive and put it on your PSP as with previous releases of DevHook
2) Google for the 2.6/2.7x PRXDecrypt and a Firmware 2.60 EBOOT.PBP
3) Extract DATA.PSAR from EBOOT.PBP. Place in root of Memstick.
4) Copy over the files needed for the first stage of PRXDecrypt (the 1.50 stage). Run PRXDecrypt. When its done, manually restart your PSP.
5) You now have a f0 folder with the files you need. Go into the ms:\f0\kd folder and delete the pspbtcnf files as these are provided with DevHook
6) Copy all the folders (data, dic, font, kd, vsh) from the f0 folder into MS:\dh\260\flash0
7) Drag in your flash1 folder from 2.50 or whatever firmware you want to ms:\dh\260
8) Google for a decrypted 2.6 reboot.bin.
9) If you have problems, go to ms:\f0\psardumper\, and copy data0.bin and data1.bin into ms:\dh\260.
10) Then copy the rest of the bin files in there besides reboot.bin into ms:\dh\260\ipl (which you may have to create)
FW 2.60 should now boot under DevHook .43. Enjoy!

If you have RSS issues:

1) Enter USB mode on the PSP
2) In Windows, Click START then RUN and type in: chkdsk x: /f
3) replace x with the drive letter of the PSP.
4) now try re-adding then re-playing the RSS, and dont forget to safely remove your device - dont just unplug it.