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PSP Device Hook Sample Launcher v0.42a USBHOSTFS Mod For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 07-06-2006

Changes 0.42a v1:

- Completely redid the Mod so it supports the high-res DevHook

Steps I took to get this working:

- Install 0.41a DevHook then install v0.41b over it. Now install the Firmware just need the 250 one and then install my Mod. I tried this a couple of times and it works so if this does not work for u I have no clue what is wrong, and my source is released so you can try to figure out the problem.

Make sure to create the capture folder in the usbhostfs0 or it will not make any screenshots. This is great for viewing the screenshot you taken right after you taken them. That's it for now!

BTW: Games that uses the USB for some stuff like Talkman and Super Monkey Ball can't be played though USB.

Also: Datel HDD can work, but USB has got to be disabled. I am guessing the USB PRX file takes way too long to load or something because my PSP with Datel when the USB was enabled just keep reading and nothing happened after 5 minutes. Datel is still slow and takes about a minute to get completely into Lemmings.