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PSP Device Hook Sample Launcher v0.42 FULL

Uploaded by CJPC - 07-05-2006

Here is the v0.42 FULL release, by Booster.


- The menu looks sharper - better resolution
- NoUMD bug fix (1.5x iSOs)
- UMD Emu's semaphore bug fix
- Changed Clock reset timing
- Changed contents of configuration data
- Changed loading & setting method from launcher
- Changed the config load at the time of starting into a memory course from a file
- iSO/CSO driver is now in an external module
- XMB's UMD change feature is now in an external module
- Added a CLOCK change function to the XMB shortcut
- Clock frequency is displayed on the XMB for iSO image
- Remote control compatibility with Kprintf
- Added Japanese localization launcher version by mok

All you need to do is copy the 2 folders in MS_ROOT into your PSP memory stick root, and lauch DevHook.

Set DevHook to Firmware 2.50. Set other setting appropriately.

NOTE: This Firmware is in English - replace the flash1 in dh/200 and dh/250 with your own flash1 in your language. This version redirects flash access to Memory Stick. The tool folder is there so that you can compress your iSOs to CSO.