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Downgrader Test v0.5 FINAL For PSP 2.50/2.60 Firmware

Uploaded by CJPC - 07-02-2006

The basic coding for this version hasn't changed since the v0.5 (as Dark_AleX said, don't fix something that isn't broken), and comes packaged in a single EBOOT that will detect which Firmware version you are on and will automatically install the dumped Firmware files which you must retrieve from someone with a 1.5 PSP or use the included DOWNDATER folder contents.

Before downgrading, make sure you meet the following requirements - Your PSP is not a TA-082.


- Added a checking for the AC adaptor. Now it's necessary in order to begin the downgrade.

- Removed the logs, they could cause problems with people with 32 MB MemorySticks.

Also I want to explain a couple of things:

- The "Disc cannot be read" problem. This is caused because the hardware restart that the DownDater does, doesn't restart the UMD device. There were a more proper way to reinit the PSP, but it wasn't working in this exploit. Not a big problem really, since after you restart manually the PSP, the problem is gone.

- DO NOT USE dumps of other Firmware. As important as the files, is the IPL (Initial Program Loader), which is written by a library of the Sony 1.50 updater, that is hardcoded to write the 1.50 IPL.

1.50 User Instructions:

NOTE: You can skip this part if you wish, using the included DOWNDATER folder contents.

1) Copy the folders downhelper and downhelper% from the folder 1.50 HELPER folder to /PSP/GAME/ in your MemoryStick.

2) Obtain the 1.50 update EBOOT (Google) and put it in /PSP/GAME/UPDATE in your MemoryStick.

3) Init the downhelper (1.50 HELPER) program.

4) It will dump your flash and some files from the updater EBOOT to the MemoryStick.

5) After that, the program will exit. You can now delete the updater from /PSP/GAME/UPDATE

6) You'll notice that you have a new folder in the root of your MemoryStick called "DOWNDATER".

7) That's the folder you'll have to send to a 2.50/2.60 to let him test the downgrade, or just use the included DOWNDATER folder.

2.50/2.60 User Instructions:

1) Copy the folder FINAL AUTO EBOOT to /PSP/GAME/ in your MemoryStick.

2) Wait someone with 1.50 to pass you a folder called DOWNDATER (included in this pack) and copy it to the root of your MemoryStick.

3) Init GTA and the GTA Loader

4) Connect your psp to the AC adaptor

5) In the GTA Loader menu, choose the DownDater Test.

WARNING: the program won't output any display and any warnings, it will init the downgrader process immediately.

6) You'll see the your MemoryStick flashing. That means that your PSP is being flashed from the MemoryStick.

7) You won't see any type of output in the screen (this is for safety). When the memstick finishes flashing, the PSP should reinit and you'll have probably a 1.50.

8) It will probably say you "Cannot read disc". Don't worry about that, this is because the UMD device has not been reset properly. Simply restart the PSP manually or take and the battery for 5-10 minutes and the problem will be solved.

9) That's all. If all went right, you'll have 1.50. If it went less good, you'll still have 2.50/2.60. If all went wrong, you'll have a broken PSP (except in the case you have the mod-chip). Remember that you have accepted that risk!

10) If your PSP is showing up as v2.01, this is fine. Just use old Version Changer and change it to v1.50.

This software is free, and I'm not responsable if it causes damages to your psp. If you use this software, you agree that you are using this program at your own risk and that you won't blame the author for that.

"Someone told me that a downgrader for 2.50/2.60 was impossible. How does this work?"

This one uses another more risked technique (and i repeat: untested) than the MPH DownGrader. It uses some Sony libraries found in the 1.50 updater to perform the most critical steps, the logical format of the flash, and the ipl writing. See technical details for more info about how it works.

This software requires that someone with a 1.50 runs a little program and send you the output so you can init the downdate process. The 1.50 program is TOTALLY safe, it only dumps the flash of a 1.50 user and it also extracts some special PRX's found in the 1.50 updater.

ONLY use this if your ORIGINAL FIRMWARE was 1.50, 1.51, 1.52, 2.00, or 2.01 from the FACTORY and (like an idiot) you updated to 2.50 or 2.60. If your ORIGINAL FIRMWARE was/is 2.50 or 2.60 then do NOT attempt to use this DownGrader version!

Other Considerations:

- Users with TA-082 psp's shouldn try this.

Technical Details:

This program performs the following operations.

- It loads the ipl_update.prx and lflash_fatfmt.prx from the 1.50 updater.

- It performs a logical format of the flash0 partition using the function
sceLflashFatfmtStartFatfmt found in the lflash_fatfmt.prx

UPDATE (0.5): now it doesn't use the logical format. It was one of the causes that make this
not to work.

- It writes a dump of the 1.50 flash0 to the flash0.

- It writes the Initial Program Loader (Ipl) using the functions sceIplUpdateClearIpl and sceIplUpdateSetIpl from the ipl_update.prx module. The ipl is embedded in that module.


- Checks if the AC is plugged in

- Does not create logs, allow 32MB memory stick users to downgrade


- Checks if your Fimware revision is either 2.50 or 2.60, Only requires a single EBOOT for both Firmware.