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Tomb Raider Legend (EUR) PSP 710MB PROPER RipKit Fix

Uploaded by CJPC - 06-19-2006

Ripped: UPDATE, MOVIES (except the language you picked)

proper release:

Notes: gnizexpert, nice ripkit of yours, but you only changed the
movies. I reedited the bat-files to dummy only the not needed

Attention: Before you use the created ISO files change the
language of your emulated firmware to the language you kept.

Extract all the contents:
on this directory PSP_GAME\USRDIR\tr7

1)Press the ExPERT_v105 button.Select the [psp_Tomb_Raider_Bigfile_dat_v1.0.epi] plugin and browse the BIGFILE.DAT
2)On ExPERT_v105 tool press [1.Extract LBA].
3)Press [2.Extract Files].
4)Run 1 of the language bat file on this directory "PSP_GAME\USRDIR\tr7\"

for English language:- run Eng_language_rip.bat
for French language:- run Fra_language_rip_proper.bat
for German language:- run Ger_language_rip_proper.bat
for Italian language:- run Ita_language_rip_proper.bat
for Spanish language:- run Spa_language_rip_proper.bat

If you want, you can use also the bat-files of the
'Only_movie_change'-folder. Then the text is english
and the movies in the language you kept.

5)Wait until the DOS WINDOWS close
6)Now Press the [3.Rebuild file] on ExPERT_v105 tool.
7)Press [4.Rebuild LBA] on ExPERT_v105 tool.
8)Replace the prx files with the prx files of street riders.
9)Delete the BIGFILE.DAT and Rename the NEW-BIGFILE.DAT to bigfile.dat (Not BIGFILE.DAT!)
10)Rebuild the iso with vcdromx 3.6
11)Place your iso in your memory stick ISO directory and play
12)Use DEVHOOK 0.41
13)Change the language of your emulated firmware to the language you kept.
otherwise the game will crash.

The End

fixed by Sleeper