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Tomb Raider Legend (EUR) PSP 599MB RipKit Fix

Uploaded by CJPC - 06-18-2006

The new 599MB ripkit by FettesBumsen for the untouched ISO of Tomb Raider: Legend rips the padding (all ~800MB of it!), update, and all languages except English. It also patches the ISO for use with DevHook 0.41 by replacing the PRX files.

Here is a ripkit for Tomb Raider Legends EUR Created By FettesBumsen, this is for the untouched iso and it should be 599mbs when done.

When you thought it could come more different TRL ripkits, it actually did! here is a ripkit that rips the iso, patches it and cso's it, and the only thing you have to do is to press the tombraider.bat file!

1- copy your Tomb Raider iso in the same folder with patch.x dt, xdelta.exe, tombraider.bat and ciso.exe.
2- rename your iso to original
3- double click on tombraider.bat
4- when the window close u'll have Patched.iso and the patched.cso(its the iso fixed)

Thanks to MeetJoeBlack who thought me all this !!!
and Special Thanks To gnizexpert becuse this time i used his ripkit and file, it ripped all the languages besides english, so this is an english version. all credits to him!