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Tomb Raider Legend (EUR) PSP 693MB RipKit Fix

Uploaded by CJPC - 06-18-2006

Here is a ripkit for Tomb Raider Legends EUR Created By FettesBumsen
this is for the untouched iso, and it should be 693MBs when done.

1- copy your Tomb Raider iso in the same folder with patch.x dt, xdelta.exe and tombraider.bat
2- rename your iso to original
3- double click on tombraider.bat
4- when the window close u'll have Patched.iso (its the iso fixed)

Thanks to MeetJoeBlack who thought me all this !!!
and Special Thanks To gnizexpert becuse this time i used his ripkit and file, it ripped all the languages besides english, so this is an english version. all credits to him!