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DevHook 333 MHz WiFi FiX For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 06-10-2006

This is simply a repack of the previous release with the proper wlan.prx files in the correct place. To use this FiX, simply copy everything to your Memory Stick following the original v0.41a instructions below. This FULL FiX includes DevHook v0.41a for those wondering.

PSP Device Hook Sample Launcher v0.41a FULL

All you need to do is copy the 2 folders in MS_ROOT into your PSP memory stick root, and lauch DevHook.

Set DevHook to firmware 2.50 + 2.00 and other settings as follows:

UMD Select: Select Your iSO File
Firmware: 2.50+2.00
Boot Select: Reboot XMB
UMD Version: 2.XX -> 2.00 (set it, or you will get a 2.6 error)
CPU Clock: 333 MHz / 166 MHz

NOTE: THis Firmware is in English - replace the flash1 in dh/200 and dh/250 with your own flash1 in your language.