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PSP-Dizaster Win Portal v1.5 For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 05-24-2006

A portal site which allows you to play some games and watch stuff is back with Win Portal v1.5. The Win Portal can be viewed by PSP's running v2.00 firmware and above - the creator has included VSI-View, this is a a Very Simple Image - View.

It's finished, ok now i've added little stuff but the little i've added is powerful, for a complete list of changes see below.

i'll also add a skin pack to it later so those who wants more skins can have em lol oh and in the psp/common folder there is some example games, u can remove em if u want i've changed the font on the menu and i've changed the background.. if u r not pleased with the current background u can always change it to whatever u like just by renaming the background file u want to win.png and stick it into the psp/photo folder.

not much of a change but things that have change is major lol..
i have added a WAY faster n'gin to it.. a update function, a image viewer (VSI-View wich stands for Very Simple Image-view) and a skin changer, no other portal has had that one b4.. oh and a new evil-looking
main skin too. now for the credits quite a few this time