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LUA Cargame v0.2 (Unleashed) For PSP

Uploaded by CJPC - 05-23-2006

Author of its predecessor of the same title, dalejrrocks, brings us Cargame v0.2. First thing I've noticed about this game is the wide selection of cars, players can choose from. The choices range from luxury cars to an ice cream truck. The fact that it's meant to be played by two players (and according to the author it might even be up to three) adds more excitement to the game.

But, one thing that I think the game needs is some variety. There are obstacles in the track, but you won't hit any of those anyway, since you can only go forward. Making the left and right buttons functional could spice things a little bit.

Although the game is simple, it doesn't mean it's not enjoyable. Best way to play this game is with a couple of buddies, go one-on-one and claim victory by trash talking your way into the game.