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KJV Bible For PSP 2.0+

Uploaded by CJPC - 05-11-2006

As you may or may not know not long ago a Bible was released for PSP. Now a new version is available as follows:

About this Bible

Well this particular project stemmed from finding the HyperText KJV Bible on the Internet and discovering it worked alright on the PSP. Recently (as of the creation date of this), however, the support Web site disappeared from the Internet. I got to looking at the code and noticed the text was part of the Public Domain and set forth to reformat it to run on the PSP a bit better (IE less scrolling, going straight to a verse, etc). It is my hope this will help others in studying God's Word.

Installing the Bible

To install, copy the "kjv" folder into your ROOT directory of you PSP, you can also simply tell it to extract the Zip file contents there. To do this, connect your PSP to your computer, typically with a USB cable, like you would if your moving a music or photo file to your PSP.

Once you have done this:

Open your PSP Web Browser
Press the triangle button to bring up the menus,
enter "file:/kjv/index.html"

After the page is opened

GOTO BOOKMARKS-->My Bookmarks-->Add to bookmarks
for easy access in the future.

Information about copying this program can be seen here GNU GPL Note: It has not been modified from it's downloaded form and is better viewed on your PC than your PSP.

Navigating the Bible

You have two choices when navigating the Bible: First you can select the book from a drop down list and then picking what chapter to goto or you can specify the book, chapter, and verse to go there directly. To pick you your book move the mouse pointer over the dropp down men and press the X button. You can the then go thru the list with the Up and Down D-pad buttons. Press X to select the book and either click the 'Go to Book' button to go to the chapter listing and the text of the first chapter, or enter the in the Chapter and Verse numbers. These can be entered by selecting the input boxes and pressing the X button to bring up the text entry interface [NOTE: you can change the virtual keyboard to all numbers by pressing Select a few times]. Once both are entered press the 'Goto to the Verse' button to jump to that verse. If the Chapter is invalid the PSP will return a cannot find the page message. If the Verse is invalid it returns to the start of the chapter.

Accessing the Source Code

Each web page file of the PSP Concordance can have it's source code viewed by opening it up in a PC web browser, Then goto View on the Menu list (Should be listed along the lines of File, Edit, View, etc). On the View drop down list there should be an option called "Source", "Page Source", or similar. This will bring up the file in Code Form. Some browsers will open it in a special built in window of the browser, others will open it in a program like Notepad. If you wish to make a change and it did not open it in a editable window, you can open a program similar to notepad or textpad and and the open the file directly from them.