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    Registered User Kichiro's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by randomusername View Post
    No, it won't do anything without you telling it too. You won't be able to update your firmware without signing into PSN so you'll be fine.

    You internet connection can be connected without any problems.
    Ok, another stupid question i think. I have modded my Xbox 360 and i dont have connection to the internet (because microsoft bans my console and also destroys some functions). But still in my private Network to use ftp connection to my pc.

    So thats why im doin also the same with the PS3, because many people say, Sony saves the log files (because without our Log in to the PSN network, we still have connection to the other Sony Servers 4 example the notification about the update), to use the log files later to ban also my PS3.

    That's why i don't know the update function of multiman.

    Question here: So when i have the Internet Connection, i can use the automatic function of multiman?cover download, update?

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    I've heard something about the PS3 sending information via it's internet connection randomly when it starts up or something, nothing to do with PSN, but not sure if that's the case or not, I personally think that's bordering on paranoia (but could obviously be wrong).

    So what if they ban your PS3, you can't go online - as in onto the PSN - anyway. Of course this may change in the future...

    You can set some DNS settings to ensure that you can't get onto the internet, but you can FTP for example (although you could just connect your PS3 direct to your PC for that), but i doubt you would be able to update multiMan if you use these settings...

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    Quote Originally Posted by vnguyen972 View Post
    Hi Dean, what do you think of adding the ability to "mount" DVD iso file? is it possible?
    What do you think of this?

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    PS3 can't mount a normal DVD Video folder, not to mention ISOs... For ISOs and other cool stuff it will require resident/CFW access to lv2 functions, something not possible with a simple 'game' application like multiMAN.

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    Hi All (since this is my first post), Great tool Dean! I is going to be my all in one solution for my PS3.

    I have one issue with overscan in file manager. I know it was mentioned several times here but maybe my screen + TV info will help you tune it:

    TV is LG 42lc51 (i run it 720p 60Hz) it cuts from left and right:
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails


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    Is it possible to add BD remote or even PS MOVE controller support?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    PS3 can't mount a normal DVD Video folder, not to mention ISOs... For ISOs and other cool stuff it will require resident/CFW access to lv2 functions, something not possible with a simple 'game' application like multiMAN.
    Ah, okay... dang.. that'd be cool if it's possible

    Thanks Dean!!! You still rock!!

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    Check your PS3 settings and your TV settings. Normal HD TVs should show the whole 1280x720 or 1920x1080 area.

    Overscan options are configurable in your TV. At the moment I'm working on other things and overscan for filemanager is the last thing I'll work on.

    Looking at your screenshot - you're not missing anything. The left pane is fully usable and the right one, too... It is obvious for the root folder-names, so you shouldn't have a problem - not until I add the overscan support for the filemanager (there is an option for the game modes already).
    Last edited by deank; 11-09-2010 at 05:45 PM

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    Thanks for reply. Native resolution for my TV is 1366 x 768, maybe this is why? Only cofig that I can find in menu is moving screen horizontal and vertical - no scaling.

    Anyway, one small thing: I named catalog starting # so I'm sure it is on TOP. Well it is even on top of [..]

    Good luck in implementing new features!

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    Thanks for your help Deanrr, I've just realized that not all the games background or backdrop goes to /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/cache , only some of them, where's the rest of them goes ?

    maybe it is the answer why my racket sport (BLES01000.PNG) and Final Fantasy XIII (MRTC00003) didn't showed up? Please Help.


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