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    Your first gaming console?

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    My first gaming console was the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System).

    What was yours?
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    In the loosest sense of the words 'gaming console' my first one was TV Scoreboard from Radio Shack as seen here:


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    Good 'ol pong consoles , in 30 years we've went from 2 sticks hitting a ball to games like Grand theft auto.

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    First game I got was Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

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    Ours was a Mattel Intellivision console. We had so much fun with this as kids until one of the controllers broke ... then it became a one player scenario. In South Africa, the competition was between this and the Atari console ... good ol' days!!!

    Here is a pic
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    Yeah I believe it was the Colecovision, Intellivision and the Atari that were competing. Funny thing is that the Colecovision could play Atari 2600 games with some module you connect to it.

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    I can't remember SA having the Colevision. Hehehe ... it was hacked!!! Hacking is as old as the console itself.

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    It was only released in Europe and America, so it would only be in SA if someone brought it there.

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    A Sega Master System i think

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    My first handheld one was the very first Gameboy. My first real console was the SNES.
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