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    Dec 2010
    Wow, you sold a lot of stuff man , do have your own shop? (just kidding )

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    I am like RE4 merchant WELLLLLLLCOME.

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    My first gaming console was also the NES! At least we have something in common, right?

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    Aug 2007
    This will show my age. Mine was more like a computer then anything, but it was an Atari, it used the 8 inch floppy disc. It had two controllers, one button and a joystick. It was used when I got it from my older sisters boyfriend.

    The first one that my parents got me was the nes, I remember when the games wouldn't work and you had to blow in the game cartridge. And I remember getting unlimited lives on super Mario bros, with the turtle shell. The first hand held game I had was the gamegear and the game sonic. Lol.

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    my very first console was the original Playstation back in 1996

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    My first console was the Playstation one

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    My first console was a Famicom (basically its NES) and my handheld was a brick game.

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