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    Feb 2011
    My first was a Phillips Videopac G7000 - only had one game called Gunslinger, Still got it now. Then got (in order of purchase/aquired) Atari 2600, Sega aster System, Sega Mega-Drive (Genesis), Nintendo Gameboy Original, Sony Playstation 2, Nintendo Gamecube, Sony Playstation, Nintendo Gameboy Advance, Sony Playstation 3, Sony PSP (Later traded for >) Microsoft X-Box 360 (Later traded for>) Nintendo Wii (Later Sold), Nintendo DS, Microsoft X-Box 360, Nintendo Wii.

    Quite a list and I still have all of them and yes I did get a PS2 before getting a PSX. Since the Mega-Drive I built and subsequently rebuilt repeatedly my PC for games as well which is why I skipped the PSX for the PS2.

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    Dec 2010
    Quite a list you have there , I wouldn't remember what I've done with most of my old consoles (I probably gave them away ).

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    Mine was the NES as well. But the one burned into my mind forever will probably be the SNES, good times. Games these days seem to be lacking the soul they had in the past when game designers were forced to rely on a good story and overall fun rather than appearance. All the smash hit games these days seem to be the same monotonous grey blob first person shooter. It's reached a point where I almost can't stand them.

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    Feb 2011
    I know exactly what you ean Cyrus, all the modern games are lacking in the "Fun" factor and banging the same tired old "Look at these graphics! The water almost looks like it's wet, and the trees have leaves on 'em" ugh - gimme a good imersive story any day.

    I say the best games of all time have some of the worst graphics, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy's 4>9 (Although 10 wasn't too bad), Diablo (and II), Carmageddon, Sonic, (+ 2,3 & Knuckles), Hundreds of old Arcade Shooters and my alltime fave game for zoning out - Tyrian.

    Nice simple Vertical scrolling sh'mup. Look it up or download the free update (OpenTyrian) I'm just waiting for a PS3 port of it

    I think the thing that pisses me of the most about modern games is the "Sequalization" they're going through now. It's turned into a case of "ok it's been six months since we released a Need for Speed, Madden, Fifa, NBA, NHL, Pick-a-Franchise game we'd better change a few names and colors so the idio.. sheep.. umm .. uh I mean FANS can buy another installment" Makes me wanna puke.
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    the mighty Universum 4006 - ancient (German) console that came with about 5 games. All of them were pretty much a slight variation of "Pong", but the one thing this console was well-known for (actually the only thing) was the insane plastic rifle for the shooting game.
    My parents made me give the gun away to my best mate after they decided that video games with guns are violent

    My mate still has (most of) the rifle.
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    Nov 2010
    Yeah, my family bought an Intellivision from Sears back in the day. I was addicted to Burger Time and Dungeons & Dragons. SNES still holds a special place as my favorite, though.

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    Sep 2011
    My first system I started on was also the Original NES. Actually the "NES" isn't original...The Famicom would be the real original system. lol Since it was in japan first. But still ya I started gaming on the NES. My dad got me into video games back when I was a kid.

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    Mine was a bootleg famicon called "Family game", those bootleg systems was more popular and less expensive that days and can be found today over here. That is my console history ,nunbers and status:

    "Family game"
    Splatterhouse game & watch -the same i have now
    Sega Genesis (3) still have two
    Sega 32x -sold need money
    Gameboy -Stolen
    Game Gear -the same i have now/Damaged
    Playstation (4) -still have one/Damaged
    Dreamcast (2) -still have one
    Playstation 2 (2) -still have one
    Xbox -sold need money
    Nintendo WII -the same i have now
    Xbox 360 (2) -still have one
    PS3 -the same i have now

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    Quote Originally Posted by violentcris View Post
    Sega 32x -sold need money
    If you tried selling the Sega 32x today you would get at most $20 if you're lucky.

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    Was in 98, forgot to add PSP -sold need money.

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