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    Senior Member moja's Avatar
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    For you post monsters out there..

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    Really, how many times have you logged in, replied in several threads, and got a little giddy that all the recent comments on the right of the screen all had your user name, like some kind of current scoreboard? I KNOW there are at least a few of you.

    Well, I do like the new user statistics box.

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    I feel obligated to reply in this thread, so you don't look like you are talking to yourself as I do in some threads here!

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    Lol, thanks boss. I try to log in and incite conversation here and there, but I guess it's hit or miss with this off-topic forum (great addition, btw)!

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    I agree with the hit and miss ... I thought having a jokes thread will be kewl to get the seriousness levels a bit down, but it seems like members on here doesn't know jokes to add ... And that feeling of talking to oneself is all too familiar.

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    I lost faith in this new section with the arrival of the hangman thread

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    Please explain why natepig

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    This section is for bored with a bit free time between job/school/etc. - to knew each other a bit better and hanging up around here. Not for normal discussions than in the other topic's like always. This is what Boss wants I guess, a forum that is alive, with serious talk and one section for may asking questions/things nobody would ever ask/say in on of the normal threads. Please remember that.

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    Yea, I usually like to keep most of the site more serious... but I agree it is nice to have somewhere people can post without thinking too much with less serious (or BS/fun things, in some cases) type threads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OGroteKoning View Post
    Please explain why natepig
    I hoped for some interesting subjects to discuss.

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    Anyone try Dead Island yet?


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