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  1. #931
    Senior Member oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
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    Did you played Pokémon in the past ?

  2. #932
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    Have you ever played a Digimon game?

  3. #933
    Yes! My cousin still has his Digimon Rumble arena on PSX I have in on PC.

    Are you my mother? Good book btw

  4. #934
    Yes would be a scary answer, so NO

    Do you have tiny usb speakers for your laptop?

  5. #935
    No, my laptop speakers are good enough.

    Do you play songs while you drive your car?

  6. #936

    is there are someone rather than you in your house that play video games?

  7. #937

    Have you played L.A. Noire?

  8. #938
    yes, and it was so-so for me.

    Would you change your birthplace, if you had such possibility?

  9. #939
    No, I'm glad I was born in Australia.

    If you saw someone dropping $10, would you give it back?

  10. #940

    are you a trophy hound?


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