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    Junior Member nnnn44's Avatar
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    do you love to come a new console from big company like ubi and destroy both sony and microsoft?

  2. #912
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    Yes (M$ absolutely no, Sony must shrink as fast as possible)

    Do you hope Sony (Playstation department) will fail and just finally vanish?

  3. #913
    Yes (If they keep do their useless fop)

    Do you think there will be a new console other than PS3, xbox360 and wii?

  4. #914
    yes, absolutely

    do you ever try meth?

  5. #915
    Yes (useless trash for stay awake, i don't need it surely lol, nor any other drug)

    Do you smoke menthol cigarettes?

  6. #916
    Nope, just the real.

    Do you have an PS3 on 3.01 ?

  7. #917

    have you ever fallen in sleep for two days?

  8. #918

    Do you like drinking coffee in the morning?

  9. #919
    Yes, it is a must or the world enacts an alert status.

    Have you ever played the Witcher (PC)?

  10. #920
    No, but I plan to play it this weekend

    Do you like to drink Hot Chocolate?


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