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  1. #871
    Junior Member nnnn44's Avatar
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    no. because i never played that game.

    if someone give you 800 $ to kill a dog will you do it

  2. #872
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    NO, neither for 800 million dollars.

    If someone gives you a dog as a gift, will you take it at home?

  3. #873
    No, I can barely take care of myself.

    Do you remember the slogan "Genesis does what Nintendon't"?

  4. #874
    no.. but i like it..

    can you remember the first atari adds on tv?

  5. #875

    Do you ever play Snes?

  6. #876

    do you wear glasses?

  7. #877
    Yes, only sun glasses though.

    Were you born in a leap year?

  8. #878
    Leap year? Do you mean a year that can be divided by 4 (Like 2000/2004/2008 etc?)
    Then No ^^

    Do you like to give a chocolate on Valentine Day?

  9. #879
    No. Leap year, has 366 day, because every normal year has 365,25 day's (0,25*4 = 1) and so the February gets an extra day, like in 1984, 1988, 1992, etc.

    Are going for the new X79 chipset ?

  10. #880
    No, just bought Z68 (well, it's actually still wrapped).

    Have you ever gamed on a 286?


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