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  1. #801
    Senior Member mm4dsc's Avatar
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    Would you take person wealth over world peace?

  2. #802
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    no. i'm not driven by money at all.

    would you secretly swap your 3.56+ ps3 with someone who owns a 3.41 console and didn't know about jailbreak to get onto cfw?

  3. #803
    No, I won't do that...

    Do you still in 3.41 cfw?

  4. #804

    Have you eaten prison food before ?

  5. #805
    Yes (I had an apple. My job takes me to these facilities).

    Does the condition of the world/humanity sadden you?

  6. #806
    yes. humanity is a disease.

    do you have a job?

  7. #807
    Yes, for now ^^

    Do you have a car?

  8. #808

    Are you getting bored about this thread?

  9. #809

    Would you like to live on the Moon?

  10. #810
    Yes, but only for a while.

    Did you know that it was worlds AIDS day on the 1st of December?


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