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    Senior Member elser1's Avatar
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    hmm.not sure what that is.. LOL oversoldier.. and no i don't like xmas erz...

    i've never seen slow in beautiful sunny queensland. apart from the illegal "snow" LOL.. have you ever seen snow?

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    YEEEEESSS ^________^

    Do you love to open your gift on christmas' night?

  3. #773
    NO. I'M 35 AND I'M TOO OLD FOR THAT. lol

    have you ever had relations with multple women in one day?

  4. #774
    YES (one time all togheter or separate? BTW yes on both)

    Do you ask yourself why the hell you waste your time surrounded of a suburban nothing when others have fun near the beach all the year?

  5. #775
    No... (I don't care what people do out there, even it's means I'm alone and they have fun all the years)

    Do you have more than 3 best friends?

  6. #776

    Do you shop on black friday?

  7. #777
    No (I wish I could...V_V)

    Do you make Jack Frost (Snowman) when snow? ^^

  8. #778
    YEEEEES ^_^

    Do you make a caste with sand when you go to the beach? Or a dolphin..

  9. #779
    Yes, of course... always yes

  10. #780

    Do you ask yourself if something is not clear about thread rules?


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