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    Senior Member lindwurm's Avatar
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    no, i don't like voyeur... ( just touch? even old lady Bartholomy? ) i bet you like to watch voyeur web cam

    do you know a star make a debute in video games?

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    no. but i watch myfreecams LOL

    do you have any children?

  3. #723
    Yes. (No, not so old. And no, no webcam, i was talking about it with your clothes, mental. )

    Do you like to hear internet radios, when you read this forum?

  4. #724
    No, I just listen to music on my phone while I'm on my PC.

    Have you modded any of your PS3 games?

  5. #725

    have you played bf3 online yet?

  6. #726

    Do you know how to compile a Linux kernel?

  7. #727

    have you ever bred successfully rare south american catfish in your loungeroom?

  8. #728
    should i get a dongle now?

  9. #729
    No, because it is probably going to be implemented in a CFW soon and we don't know if it will play all future games yet.

    Are you from Europe?

  10. #730
    no i'm from the us. how long think its going to take for it to be part of a cfw? new years?


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