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  1. #701
    Senior Member mm4dsc's Avatar
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    Do you want a bluray burner?

  2. #702
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    no. i already have 1.

    do you ever wonder what happened to the lost civilizations like egypyt atlantis myan etc?

  3. #703

    Do you believe in Nostradamus Prophecy?

  4. #704

    Do you want to live to be over 100?

  5. #705
    Yes (but in young-looking condition) ^^

    Can you see a ghost?

  6. #706

    Do you like honey?

  7. #707

    do you believe the bible is true?

  8. #708
    YES 100%

    Do you think other gods share the creation?

  9. #709
    no. i'm not religous. i believe in aliens and science.. LOL

    do you break the 10 commandments every day?

  10. #710
    Yes (well, not all 10 of them. I've never killed anyone... F the 10 and the bible. Just be a good person. One doesn't need religion to know right from wrong.).

    Do you wish they all could be California girls?


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