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    Member buffaoo monty's Avatar
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    God no! (How boring sitting there all day to catch a fish then throw the bloody thing back, stupid stupid stupid!)

    Does my bum look big in this?

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    Do you think Greece will get booted from the Euro zone?

  3. #533
    Hopefully yes!

    Can I have the euros that greece dont want? Idiots!

  4. #534
    Yes, when you give a bit to PS3 News.

    Do you already tried Ubuntu 11.10 ?

  5. #535

    Do watch videos using your PS3?

  6. #536
    Yep, nearly every HD movie I have, I watch on PS3, very enjoy this.

    Do you enjoy Crash Bandicoot PSX versions (1-3) over PS3 ones (Mind over mutant, etc..)?

  7. #537
    Hell Yeah!, but the new ones were only on PS2 and 360, none are on PS3.

    Do you want naughty dog making Crash Bandicoot games again?

  8. #538
    Oops, made a mistake, played them on PSP, thought there were on PS3 lol

    Yes! It would be awesome just to see HD remakes of the first three!

    Do you like drinking cola?

  9. #539
    Yes, a little.

    Has anyone played the new CoD?

  10. #540

    Do you think I should sell my Wii?


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