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    Senior Member moja's Avatar
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    No, I believe in karma.

    Will you be going out for candy on Halloween if you're over the age of 12?

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    No, but I'll be buying candy for all the little children who knock on my door asking for stuff .

    Do you remember trick or treating when you were a kid?

  3. #433

    Do you swear a lot?

  4. #434

    Do you like cabbage?

  5. #435
    no. not really. i'll eat it but i don't like it.. LOL

    do games like mortal kombat get banned in your country like they do in mine, australia?

  6. #436

    does the fact that its friday mean I should be happy, even though I won't have much of a weekend cos the misses is going away for 4 days & I'm left at home with 3 kids? Busy, busy, busy!

  7. #437
    Yes, that's 3 days alone with your kids.

    Do you usually wear sunglasses?

  8. #438

    are you a poofter?

  9. #439

    Is your name Bruce?

  10. #440

    Do you watch YouTube video's in HD if they're available in that resolution ?


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