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  1. #321
    Senior Member HeyManHRU's Avatar
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    Do you have solar panels on your house?

  2. #322
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    No. I even dono owen a house.

    Do you know what Convert.ToInt32() means ?

  3. #323
    Yes, I can code a bit C# - which includes it.

    Do you also see only 3 posts at the "Latest Posts" column ?

  4. #324
    Yep, that is because I am working on merging/moving threads at the moment.

  5. #325
    Is this thread getting boring for you?

  6. #326
    No. Sometimes there are really funny questions and answers here.

    Do you like that noobs and nerds with only a few post's and popping up in some threads to bagging users for this and that and why not just release ?

  7. #327

    Did you notice the thread that was started about the DH firmware statement was merged into its ongoing thread?

  8. #328
    No, thanks for telling me though.

    Do you think anyone gives a crap about JFW DH anymore?

  9. #329
    No. THUTA already working on CFW 3.72 so we finally get 3D SUPPORT !! And the other features (and even more) can be implemented or developed to it if thuta want's us to help and do so

    Does somebody have heard something about the so called great hacker SKFU the last time ?

  10. #330

    isn't tuhta the dopest mo fo this side of east la?


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