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    Senior Member bitsbubba's Avatar
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    are you for real?

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    Do you like a threesome?

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    Do you prefer bbg over bgg threesome?

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    'Best Be Going' over 'Board Game Geek' Threesome

    Have you ever been on a Sea-Doo?

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    Do you sleep in your birthday suit?

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    Do you prefer to sleep alone?

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    Now i know why it has been 3 weeks without an answer, it may take forever if i hadn't stepped in.

    The answer: it depends on who i am sleeping with & no i am not a homo if it has crossed your mind.

    Did you get a platinum in the past 3 weeks?

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    No, I haven't got a platinum for the past year

    Do you believe video games have the capability of influencing people of a young age to commit crimes or be more violent?

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    No. Its already set in their mind, just certain things trigger people who are ill already.

    Do you watch Mad Men?

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    Aint nobody got time foou that.

    Have you played Last of Us on Grounded difficulty?


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