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    Senior Member HeyManHRU's Avatar
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    Did you have a PS3 before 2009?

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    Did you know the longest word ever published in the most english dictionary's is Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis?

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    No. More suit become sentence anyway

    Do you know that Asia Continent is covered 30% of the total earth land area, but represent 60% of the world's population ?

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    do you think obama will start ww4 unintentionally either by action or inaction?

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    Would you like to be cloned?

  6. #2186
    No, one of me is enough trouble

    Will you sell your PS3 to buy a PS4?

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    Nope, Beyond is only coming on PS3.

    Would you sacrifice you own life in order to protect your beloved country?

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    are you enjoying your labor day? (holiday in the states)

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    Not really, I had to work.

    Do you think that Family Guy has jumped the shark?

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    Do you follow GOD or LUCIFER?


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