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  1. #1991
    Senior Member mm4dsc's Avatar
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    Are you going to watch a movie this weekend?

  2. #1992
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    No (have to work)

    Will you go out for Dinner this Weekend?

  3. #1993
    No (Exam Time).

    Did you like new GOW?

  4. #1994
    No (Too early in the game to tell).

    Does your computer have a RAID array?

  5. #1995
    Yes (One of them anyway)

    Do you freak out when your internet Provider goes down?

  6. #1996

    Do you have a smartphone?

  7. #1997

    Does this sentence has four words?

  8. #1998
    No. (and what a silly question )

    Does you suffer from any form of acid reflux?

  9. #1999
    No (not usually, sometimes, I get it but it isn't something I suffer from on a regular basis).

    Did/will you go for a walk today?

  10. #2000

    Do you use instagram?


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