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    Senior Member inginear's Avatar
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    yes. fried with a little ketchup.

    have you eaten a buffalo burger? (it's good, i recommend it if you haven't tried it.)

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    Yes! it is tasty indeed.

    Have you eaten chicken roast ??

  3. #1593

    Have you ever killed an animal?

  4. #1594
    yes!! a rat.

    Have you ever seen a girl with barbie face (in real) ??

  5. #1595

    Would you hunt for your own food if needed?

  6. #1596
    yes. i hunt already and there is nothing like a good venison steak.

    could you survive if the only food available was what you grew and hunted yourself?

  7. #1597
    i would hunt for my own food

  8. #1598
    Yes (cb3b12, you are suppose to anwer with a Yes or a No. Then, ask a Yes or No question.).

    If lost and a travel companion died, would you eat their remains if that was the only means for you to survive?

  9. #1599
    Yes I will start with HER ass if she's pretty

    Do you think there is a place like area 51 where they keep aliens?

  10. #1600
    No (great answer by the way!).

    Are you an assman?


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