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    Feb 2008

    Would you report something like that if you saw someone get whipped, tied to a pole and burned alive?

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    No!! i'll just wish that i wouldn't have seen this.

    Do you think Microsoft will introduce a console competing PS4 ?

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    Feb 2010

    do you think microsoft will release their next console before sony releases theirs?

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    No. They would try to, but Sony wouldn't let them.

    Have you ever driven a Bugatti? (I Have! )

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    No. but i wish i could!!

    Have you ever met with an accident while driving ?

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    Feb 2010
    no. however someone did run into the back of my car while i was sitting at a drive thru window waiting for my food.

    have you ever driven a real porsche? (i.e. any model except a boxster)

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    Yeah, my uncle's Porsche Panamera.

    What is your dream job?

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    if it wasnt a YES or NO thread then i would have answered that, lol.

    Do ninjas really exists ?

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    Yes. Still.

    Did you think Ninjas was a Ninja turtle's creation?

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    Yes!! perhaps that animated series was the source of the ninjas

    do you think the real ninjas shows themselves only in dark, unlike ninja turtles ?

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