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    Senior Member mm4dsc's Avatar
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    Yes (do you mean consumerism?).

    Are you eager to learn HTML5?

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    It's definitely the future language, but I'm not a programmer - so no - not at the moment.

    Are you going to stay awake through the whole weekend ?

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    No, I need some sleep.

    Do you know who the KKK are?

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    yes. while in school in the mountains i came upon a few of their "meeting places" by accident when i was four-wheeling in my jeep. i saw some things i wish i could un-see.

    do you think any programming language will overtake c++ as the core language for video games?

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    Yes. Maybe.

    Are you curious about details of what inginear saw on the mountain? Without filters.

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    If you could snap your fingers and rid the world of similar groups, would you?

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    Of course.

    Are you a genius? (IQ over 160)

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    Yes and No. I don't ever recall taking an IQ testing nor can I say I believe such a test is a true measure of one's actually intelligence. I do recall getting a letter to join Mensa when I was younger. I had no interest... I'm simply me. Somedays I rock and somedays, I roll.

    Do you ever think, the world isn't right?

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    yes. all the time.

    have you ever seen someone get whipped like a slave then tied to a pole and burned alive? (hint: this is more of a description than a question for those that are curious...)

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    Do you wish you could wash the bad memory from inginear's brain?


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