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    VIP Member jbaile17's Avatar
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    Yes, always...

    Do you wish everyday was Friday?

  2. #1492
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    ^^ NO! friday and saturday I work, so sunday is my friday

    Do you say "rabbit, rabbit, rabbit" first thing on the first day of the month?

  3. #1493

    do you think obama has a secret agenda to sabotage the u.s. government to make it look bad so a new world order government will look better by comparison?

  4. #1494
    No (hahahaha).

    Are you drinking wine right now?

  5. #1495
    No, but I wish I'am right now (I got really a mess-stress up day lately)

    Are you gonna buy Bioshock 3 when release?

  6. #1496
    No, but I will buy it, I tend to wait a bit until it price drops.

    Do you think the Wii U won't sell very well?

  7. #1497
    Yes, for now

    Do you have Wii? (^_^)

  8. #1498

    Do you have more than one Monitor connected to your pc?

  9. #1499

    Do you have more than one bookcase filled with books?

  10. #1500
    Deffo Yes.

    Do you love DEEPLY Desperate Housewives (especially season 8)?


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